7th September 2019

Kindred, London

What is SonaTalks?

SonaTalks is a global community that brings together leading thinkers and doers in all areas relating to refugees to share ideas in a range of disciplines including; technology, entertainment, design, science, humanities, business and development.

In the spirit of ‘sharing ideas’, SonaTalks is launching its inaugural event entitled 'Celebrating Potential in Refugee Communities'. SonaTalks is an initiative of the founders of Sona Circle.

Sona Circle

Founded in 2017, Sona Circle is the world’s first networking and recruitment platform that connects refugees with their immediate surroundings, local opportunities and each other.

Formed as a response to the global refugee crisis, Sona Circle addresses the issues of education, labour force participation and social integration. By supporting the engagement of minority groups and restoring access to economic opportunities, we aim to reach millions of people seeking to improve their income and economic equality.


Here are the 2019 Speakers. If you’d like to be one of the speakers for the 2019 event, please click the button below to apply.

Jaz O’Hara


Founder, The Worldwide Tribe

Gulwali Passarlay


Refugee, Author, TEDx Speaker

Fatime Gashi


Refugee, Miss Manchester 2018/19

Bio-Medical Graduate

Jonathan Garside


Health and Wellbeing Manager

Everton Football Club

Rushanara Ali MP


MP for Bethnal Green and Bow

Ahmed Osman


Refugee, Entrepreneur

Dina Nayeri


Writer, Childhood refugee

Akram Khan


Dance Artist

Selin Çalik



Independent researcher

Martin Cosarinsky


Director, Breadwinners

Irina Bormotova


Refugee Career Advisor,

Groundwork Elevate

Akoi Bazzie


Refugee, CEO AMB-G2HF

Lin Hussin


Refugee, Miss Yorkshire 2018/19

Medical Student, Radio Presenter

Erik Porter


Acting CEO, The Money Charity

Jess Miller


The Bike Project

Ake Achi


Founder, Right2workuk LTD

Sophie Cairns


Product Marketing Manager, Monese

Nour Mouakke


Refugee, Founder & CEO Wizme.com

Ruth Long


Volunteer Coordinator, Derby Refugee Advice Centre

Lucas Jedrzejak


Filmmaker and Associate Lecturer

Janet Fuller


Project Manager, Derby Refugee Advice Centre

Charles Fernyhough


Writer and Psychologist

Olivia Wetherly


Florist, Bread and Roses

Ahmed Sinno


Refugee, Chef

Vy-Liam Ng


Sanctuary Scholarship Advisor,

Co-Founder of The Kvell Project

Anneke Elwes


Founder and Director of HostNation

Hamed Ahmadi


Refugee, Entrepreneur

Usman Khalid


Refugee and Founder, Haven Coffee


Mo Saffaf


SonaTalks 2019 Host


Mo Omar



Abdulwahab Tahhan



Dee Nyoni




Introducing Jonathan Garside

SonaTalks 2019 Ad

Introducing Jaz O’Hara

Introducing Martin Cosarinsky

Introducing Selin Çalik

Introducing Akoi Bazzie

Introducing Lin Hussin

Introducing Ahmed Osman

Introducing Irina Bormotova

Introducing Gulwali Passarlay

Introducing Fatime Gashi



ABC article on Sona Circle

Info Migrants article on Sona Circle

Sona Circle Blog entry on Lin, Fatime, and Eid


Our SonaTalks 2019 team lineup 

David Cregan

Programme Manager

Archibald Troko

Design & Marketing

Michael McKay

Strategic Development

Evie Booton


Damilola Olusanya


Atisha Mahajan


Ali Mirshahi

Filmmaker/Camera Crew

Hanna Pikulska


Jerome Wanliss

Videographer/Camera Crew

Zac Wichlei


Emily Robbins


Sam Redford


Corey Brown

Sound Technician/DJ

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Thank you to all our partners for your continued support. If you’d like to partner with us for the 2019 event, please click the button below to apply.

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We have a limited number of tickets available for each session. Click the link below to purchase tickets.



Kindred, Hammersmith 

Kindred is a members’ club based in Hammersmith with a heart for community and connection. Kindred recognise that community means different things to different people. It is a physical space where community is prioritised in a way that allows people to be their authentic selves; where human connection is prioritised and where the simple act of sharing ideas, food and stories can build stronger and more resilient communities.

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This SonaTalks event is operated under license by SonaTalks.

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